* Guarantee: All materials are guaranteed to be as specified and the proposed work to be performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and completed in a substantial timely workmanlike manner dependent upon weather, and acts of nature.

*Payments to made as follows 50 % deposit and entire balance due upon completion. Cash discounts on Credit Card = 3.5%

* All payments must be payable to Cafender Enterprises, LLC

* Warranty information is provided at

* Customer verifies that they have read, understand and agree to our service policy.

* After signing our contract you have a 3-Day Right to Cancel from the date at which it was signed, but prior to work being completed.

* Cancellation must be received in writing within 3 days. No refunds after 3 days.

* The proposed prices, specifications and conditions are satisfactory and are hereby accepted.

* Payment will be made as outlined on estimate and invoices.

* Balance due in full upon job completion.  

* Cafender Enterprises, LLC dba Primo Auto Services is authorized to do the work as specified.

*  In the event of collections disputes, customer is liable for lost opportunity costs, all fees and court costs.

* Cafender Enterprises, LLC is not a finance company. Unpaid balances are subject to 1.5% interest compounded monthly. Upon rescheduling or cancellation a minimum of $200.00 per day for opportunity costs, travel and administrative processing plus all material and hired labor costs will be refunded to Primo Auto Services.

* All checks will be made payable to Cafender Enterprises, LLC only.

* Credit and Debit charges will be displayed as Cafender Enterprises, LLC on bank statements.  

* "IMPORTANT NOTICE: You and your contractor are responsible for meeting the terms and conditions of this contract. If you sign this contract and you fail to meet the terms and conditions of this contract, you may lose your legal ownership rights in your home. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AND DUTIES UNDER THE LAW.

* All vehicles must be picked up within 7 days after notification of completion of repairs, otherwise a charge of $25 per day will be assessed for storage.

* If customer is unable to pay for services a mechanical lien will be placed on your vehicle until payment has been made or after 30 days your vehicle will be sold in order to collect money for our services. 

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